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As much as we love the convenience of carrying everything on a pen drive or on our laptops, there are some things in life that needs to be held. To be touched, felt and experienced. The joy you feel while holding your wedding album and turning each page to see your special day over and over again, is not something you can compare to a few mouse clicks.

When the occasion is so special, it warrants for an album just as lovely. Remember, we are not talking about a book that will last for a few days. Wedding albums really are meant for the future. Imagine browsing through it 10 or 20 years down the lane. That would be a great moment, wouldn’t it?

TheShubhVivah offers superior wedding album design and print services. Our team of ace designers can whip up designs to please you – something traditional? Something trendy? Or, funky? Or a mix? We can do it all! If you have a theme in mind, discuss it with us. We can bring your imagination to life.

Notes from you combined with our exceptional aesthetic skills will only result in a breathtaking wedding album!

What do we need from you?

  • A very excited couple.That’s you and your spouse (Just to make our jobs more exciting)
  • A selection of photos you would like to use.
  • A theme, if you have one in mind.
  • Your story, if you would like to add that in the form of text
  • And a little patience

What do you get in return?

Your own personal fairy tale album!

When it comes to wedding albums, TheShubhVivah concentrates on the overall feel. Every page should flow in smoothly to the other. We pick out the most important moments of your day and put it together like a well narrated story. And of course, every effort will be made to make the pictures look absolutely stunning.

The ShubhVivah ensures longevity. For the same reason, our albums are UV-coated. This means your wedding album will withstand rough handling and passing time. Always new, always in great shape! Our printers are all Kodak Certified. So be assured - prints will be of the best possible quality. 100% value for your money!

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